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In 1997, a $13 investment consisting of a bar of glycerin soap, a handful of herbs from our pantry, a bottle of essential oil and a desire to create a unique holiday gift introduced us to the world of natural custom crafted bath essentials, and we would like to share them with you.

Handcrafted simply makes it better & unique. Handcrafted adds the human spirit to an already overly processed, chemical and makeshift world.

That store soap you just bought is probably a mass-produced, commercially made synthetic detergent. Did you know that the natural moisture-laden glycerin is extracted from commercial soap, then artificial dyes, perfumes, and preservatives are added? No wonder you and your family experience dry, itchy skin after bathing.

In earlier times, craftspeople took their time to make a few choice products, taking pride in the quality of their work. That’s what we are doing at Kith Kath Bath House TM. Our skin care products are not processed on an assembly line. They are specially made, using natural ingredients with you in mind.

Our handcrafted herbal soaps and bath essentials marry a rich blend of the skin nourishing oils of olive, Jojoba, coconut, castor and palm kernel, further enhanced with butters of shea, mango, aloe and cocoa, topped off with Essential and Fragrance oils, and homegrown herbs. Our glycerin soaps are made from a premium vegetable glycerin base. The result is a moisture laden lather that leaves your skin silky smooth and refreshed.

Thank you for giving our products a try. We sincerely look forward to your comments because here at Kith Kath Bath House TM we look forward to providing you, your friends and your family with warm and nurturing bathing needs.


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